Company Profile

Established in 2007 by young professionals and experienced experts in their fields, so Solusitek appear to be an information technology consulting firm that professional and trustworthy.

Vision & Mission

As an information technology services provider, Solusitek vision is to become competent, excels and responsible locally, regionally and internationally.

Our mission:
1. To provide the best solution services with a competitive advantage and added value for our clients.
2. Professionally develop and maintain our products and services by applying the future technology.
3. To build a mutual worldwide partnership network.
4. Strengthen the presence in global community by contributing to welfare of the society and the nation.

Our goal is to transform technology into value for the benefit of users. Armed with professional experience for more than 8 years in the field, we are able to provide innovative and efficient services solutions for your business.

Values & Philosophy

1. Technology should be used to creates business solutions
2. Innovation must be affordable, easy and fun
3. Best service is a must
4. Partners, customers and communities is the most valuable asset
5. Evaluation will make us better

Company Profile Solusitek